What is Life

As life goes on, things get more complicated. We are no longer a child, but a grown-up who faces reality. Real life is nothing like fairy tales. Problems are not easily solved and confusions are everywhere. There is never a long period of rest and peace. We should always be aware of everything preventing us to live an easy life. Moments of sadness and misery are much more than those of happiness. Life is not only black and white, but is different shades of gray. No one is really right or wrong. Every person you trust may suddenly be gone. Every choice we make in life is a bet. What we can only do is to trust your instincts and prepare for the worst.

We often face the dark side of life, but life can also be full of excitement and surprises. As long as it is interesting and fulfilling, this world is no longer cruel and cold. Warmth and smiles still exist. Although there can be bad times, never give up until your last breath. As there is a saying that every cloud has a silver lining, hope is always there for us.

Life Lesson

Alone in the dark, there’s a girl who sat alone crying endlessly. Nobody was there to comfort her and whenever someone walked by, they just looked at her with cold eyes. One little boy walked towards the girl. He had brown hair and he walked with a sense of pride and self confidence. His eyes looked like a deep blue ocean and his face was shaped in the most handsome way. He approached the crying girl and asked her what was wrong. The girl did not replied, she just kept crying so the boy decided to walk the girl home. After the girl got home, the little boy left.

The next day, the little girl tried to find the boy again. Nobody knew who the little boy was. It was as if the boy was never real, as if he was only real in the little girl’s imagination. Several days, weeks, and months passed and the girl never forgot the boy. The girl truly believed that she would someday find the boy and when she did, they would get marry and live happily ever after. Because of her belief, the girl never gets a boyfriend and she rarely talks to a boy. She kept herself for this one boy who she hardly knew. Soon, life started passing. Years kept going by and the girl still did not find the boy. Now the girl lived all alone, in her own apartment, but she never lost hope. The girl kept wasting time, thinking about this one boy who she fell for. She didn’t even realize the years going by. One day, she sat down at a coffee shop. She sat there alone and she thought about her life and what she’s been doing. She finally realized that she was throwing her own precious life away because of a boy that might not even be real. It was then that the girl looked across the street and saw a man. The man was alone, but he walked with confidence that made him look unreachable. When the girl got a clear view of the man’s face, the man turned to look at the girl as well. They both stared at each other for a moment. The guy had brown hair and deep ocean blue eyes. Then the guy began to cross the street, and walk towards the girl. As he took his steps closer to where the girl sat, the girl’s heart started beating faster and faster.

“Is this seat taken?” asked the man, with a smile on his face.

“Um no, go ahead,” the girl replied, sounding nervous.

Suddenly, a woman came up behind the man. The woman held a child’s hand.

“Sweetie, who’s this?” asked the woman.

“Oh just someone I used to know,” replied the man with a slight smile on his face while getting up out if his seat and then wrapping his arm around the woman’s waist.