Painting Life


“Are humans born as a complete blank slate?”

Our journey in life starts when we arrive into the world as a baby. We begin as a very helpless being, unable to make our own choices. I believe that at that time, our life is like a blank piece of paper. We do not know the good from the bad. But as we grow up, we start to learn. We learn the lessons and knowledge in life through our family and community. Right at that moment, we are slowly filling in the blank piece of paper.

The answer to whether or not we are born as a complete blank slate does not matter. What matters is gathering the courage to become the master painters of our own lives. Just like a painting, what is on the paper in the beginning is not the most important. What matters is the work of art hung on the wall. A masterpiece that makes the painter proud.

Dream Big!

Dream is something that all of us need to have. It is our vision. Dreams, as I’m using the term here, are defined as ambitions of aspirations. They are a part of everyone’s life. Some people have clear and absolute pictures of what they want their lives to be. Others tend to see little of their future and just let life happen to them. Still others believe that their dreams are impossible and meaningless. I believe that having a great dream is a must to us.

Dreams are a product of your mind. You alone can decide how you want a dream. But you have to know what you want before the universe can begin to help you see it as yours and produce it for you. That knowing is a decision on your part.

When you know what your dream is. You can begin to form a picture. By seeing the picture, with as much detail as possible, and by adding the emotions you believe you would feel your dream, and you can make it happen.

There is another necessary element, action. If you truly want your dream to appear, you will follow with the appropriate action. That action proves to the universe that this is what you want.

Think on these things and realize that your positive thoughts are what bring wonderful things to your life. The life you probably want to create depends on what your dreams hold.

This is all not to say that you should live in the future. It is a suggestion that your dreams mean something. They are your mind’s way of telling you there is something good for you out there. It is very important to have a big dream. Even if you cannot achieve it, just make it as your vision. Dream can help you to prepare to face this challenging world. Make your dreams work for you. This is your life, and nobody can make it something you don’t want, except you. You are in control.

Dream big!