Painting Life


“Are humans born as a complete blank slate?”

Our journey in life starts when we arrive into the world as a baby. We begin as a very helpless being, unable to make our own choices. I believe that at that time, our life is like a blank piece of paper. We do not know the good from the bad. But as we grow up, we start to learn. We learn the lessons and knowledge in life through our family and community. Right at that moment, we are slowly filling in the blank piece of paper.

The answer to whether or not we are born as a complete blank slate does not matter. What matters is gathering the courage to become the master painters of our own lives. Just like a painting, what is on the paper in the beginning is not the most important. What matters is the work of art hung on the wall. A masterpiece that makes the painter proud.

Art in My Heart


Looking back in time and see my old artworks, I realize how much I have improved and how fast it happened. I started drawing when I was 6. At that time I was still very young, so my drawings were not really good, but I loved them. I loved drawing shapes and combining colors. My favorite toys aside from my models and my lego were my pencils and crayons.

My art started to improve significantly when I was in 3rd grade. I always had my sketchbook with me. I drew scenery of what’s around me. I started adding shade to my drawings and tried to make them look more realistic. Since that time, I knew art would never leave me.


I am a little shy when showing my drawings to my friends. It’s not that I think they are ugly or anything, it’s just that they are my inner thoughts. When people are looking at my artworks, I feel like they are entering inside my head and watching my true self. I am afraid they don’t like them and afraid they don’t understand them. But I have to accept that, and continue creating.

For me, art is a wonderful thing. It can help me express what’s on my mind. All I have to do is pick up a pencil and make a sketch. It can end up being something really incredible. I hope that my passion for art can follow with me throughout my life. I hope that one day everyone will like art as much as I do. How about you? How did you fall in love with art? Please share your thoughts and feelings.